Monday, December 15, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008
Well to start with the right foot let me show you this proyect which consist of a termisistor Arduino and a computer network.

The goal was to read the temperature with termisistor connected to an Arduino analog pin and with the serial interface send the data to our computer which will serve as a "server" which sends a message through the service of NET SEND Windows (google to know how activate it) to computers in network the outside temperature through a program written in Pascal running on your computer.

Here the program which I call TEMPMAN (Temperature Management) the Arduino code and an Excel spreadsheet for calculating the ADC termisistor.



Anonymous said...

spreadsheet and exe not downloadable. please repost it on another host.

Arduino HN said...

OK, no problem I will re-upload the files soon.
thanks for the notification.

Arduino HN said...

The TEMPMAN files can be downloaded from one packed file now, all files in one.

Arduino HN said...

Some changes to the TEMPMAN program and files download it again, now you can put a list of IP,s through a txt file, don't forget to read the readme.txt file.

Brad said...

Do you have to use a 10kohm thermistor and 10kohm thermistor? I have a 2kohm thermistor/resistor and a 35ohm thermistor lying around and would like to put them to use. I tried the 10k combo and just ended up roasting the resistor while getting values that just didnt match up with the current temp. Would've tried the 35ohm one too but didnt have the right resistor to go with it.

I'm not really sure why the resistors are frying, based on all the examples I can find the two values just have to match. They're 1/8 watt resistors, which I would think would be fine.

I'm just a programmer messing around trying to get a better grip on electronic engineering so I really dont know a lot about the electrical theory...

Arduino HN said...

is far preferable to use equal ohm resistors and thermistor, please note the voltage you are applying to the termisistor also. Another observation try switch the thermisistor with resistance place in the diagram and read the temperature again with this change.

Anonymous said...

Pascal..... lol!

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