Friday, July 24, 2009 - Let Arduino Play Contest

Friday, July 24, 2009
Let Arduino Play contest has started an Arduino Game contest wich consist of make a game using the Arduino, they show some videos of examples of game proyects using Arduino, giving you an idea of what to do.

For the first time at, we organize a contest which we hope you enjoy.

All you need is making a game with and Arduino board. You can use any version of the boards available but it must be playable so user can interact with your project.

You can make for example a simple Simon game or even a world domination multiplayer game with graphic LCD with sounds, why not! Just let your imagination flow and do it. The jury will take care of presentation, originality, documentation and execution of your project. Don't forgot to grab a video demonstration, of course!! You can submit your project, one per person, before the deadline show on the right of this page, so be quick! once time limit is reached, our jury will inspect all the projects submitted and device the tree who wins.
The Deadline is August 24, start your proyects now.

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